+ wrote in 2013

Following my solo exhibition at the Seoul Art Center last year, I was able to introduce a completely different style of art. I broke away from my norm of painted works by using new materials that I subsequently exhibited at Tenri Gallery, and at the Gabarron Museum located in New York. For these shows, I exhibited three-dimensional works and constructions made of various materials such as scrap metal, tree bark, fabric, paper, stones, and fragments of my ceramic sculptures.

I think of my artwork as an orchestra comprised of many instrumental sounds-each material having its own unique echo contributing to the whole creation. For example, the scraps I worked with were used long ago; there is still evidence of their incredible age. These scraps could have once been a part of a garage ceiling or even a doorway. The possibilities are endless. I feel that it is my role to understand the historical imprints left on these pieces and to modernize them into sculptures from my own perspective. Therefore, I have even gone as far as to completely break apart my ceramic sculptures, and then fuse the broken pieces with all the other materials, to create a symphony of sound, like a conductor that unifies an orchestra.

My inspiration comes from monumental landscapes such as the Jiri Mountain rangenin South Korea, the Grand, and Bryce Canyons. Mysterious landscapes and cities such as the Greek Meteora and Ancient Delphi have also offered me inspiration-a sense of spiritual awakening that I have experienced through my journeys while visiting these places. By taking inspiration from nature and combining it with metals, I create a universal message of soundless yet soulful harmony. The sounds of nature evoke a universal chord that does not relate to religion, gender, or nationality, but rather, is for everyone, like music that can be heard everywhere. I wanted to communicate spirituality to my viewer rather than use heavy substances that may have conveyed negativity.

I give life to all the objects that I portray in my art-I recycle the objects that are used in my works, and recreate them into a completely different form. Reusing old art brings me fulfillment, confidence, and purpose in being an artist because it allows me to show that a piece of art is never truly forgotten but instead used in someone elses’ creation.

+ wrote in 2004

My paintings represent where I have been and what I have seen. From my imagination and memory, I intermingle urban landscapes with nature. On my first flight to the United States I was filled with apprehension. Then, while in the air, after hours of darkness, the sun rose through my window. Its ascent inspired in me a sense of hope. And still today I try to hold that image in my mind. It is such moments which I’ve tried to capture for those who view my paintings.

I was born in Seoul Korea in 1961. I moved to New York to study fine art at Pratt Institute from 2002-2006 earning both a BFA and MFA. I am now based in North Bergen, New Jersey with a studio overlooking the Hudson River and facing the Manhattan skyline. It, as well as the surrounding areas, has become the subject matter for most of my paintings. I mainly work on location. My new painting is about seizing the moment among the street artist. The untamed mood of Manhattan and west Hudson entices us with all their beautiful locations, be it in winter or summer, storm or calm. My paintings are about the emotions and feelings that these images evoke.

My landscapes use undulating brushstrokes to express energy and movement; empty space and fluid lines to convey feelings of freedom. The cultivation of receptiveness and acceptance allows me to merge Eastern and Western styles. My cityscapes express the evolutionary changes in my life from new found tranquility, represented by nature, to the adaptation to new circumstances reflected by the city life.

My sculptures reflect the circulation of nature and human life through the texture of raking shadows, flowing lines and earth tone colors. The use of raking shapes and recurring curves communicates different cycles of life, all intertwined with each other as they shape our lives in the search for our own personal destiny. The unity and bonding of life is reflected in my sculptures. They can be viewed as images of progress and endless movement communicating with quiet nature.